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The Holy Face of Jesus from the image of Veronica's veil
(The veil is kept in St. Peters Basilica, Rome.)

Joining or Starting a Holy Face Confraternity

Many people ask us about Holy Face Confraternities, such as how to join one or start one. If you are interested in practicing this devotion regularly, our recommendations are as follows:

1. Ask your parish priest if you may start a confraternity in your parish. You may wish to do a novena before asking as many "modernist" priests today may not have an interest in this devotion.

2. If your parish priest does not wish to allow a confraternity in your parish, you may wish to contact people in your parish individually. People that are part of existing prayer groups will normally have the most interest. If you find some people that are interested, you can say the Holy Face Devotion prayers with them regularly on your own.

3. If you can find no one who is interested in practicing the Holy Face Devotion with you, simply practice it on your own following the guidelines on our "Holy Face Devotion" Page. Saying this devotion consists of some small prayers daily, and some additional prayers on Sundays.

Propagating the Holy Face Devotion on your own

Many people also ask us about how they can help propagate the Devotion of Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus. Here are the steps we recommend:


Give the Holy Face Pamphlet and St. Theresa Flyer to your Pastor. Ask him to read them. Tell him you're seeking his permission to place the pamphlets at the back of the Church or in the book rack.


You might print up and make copies of a note that could be stapled to the pamphlet inviting anyone who is interested in saying the prayers of reparation in a group - possibly after Sunday Mass - to contact you, but only if you feel inclined to do so.


If you get your Pastor's approval, have copies made of the pamphlet in a store that specializes in copies. The picture will turn out better if you do this; or you can download from our website, or contact us for pamphlets.


Each individual should contact us for a Holy Face Cross and free blessed chaplet. We recommend a $4.50 donation for a cross and chaplets are always free.


Give pamphlets and St. Theresa flyers to family and friends.


Precede all of this with much prayer, or some type of novena, for the intention of the success of your endeavor.

May the good God bless you abundantly for wanting to spread this most beautiful and necessary devotion, and crown your efforts with success!

Thank you!

Immaculate Heart of Mary Apostolate